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Schlingensief Filmretrospektive beim Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival

Established in 1962 with the Oberhausen Manifesto, the New German cinema gathered directors such as Wim Wenders and Rainer Werner Fassbinder. In the 1980’s, their independence and political stakes were threatened by the economics of industrial structures. Fassbinder died young, and Wenders attained success by selling out. Based on the glitches in History, Christoph Schlingensief’s movies confront the nostalgia of significant events and the carelessness of neoliberalism as the cause of the current no turning back policy. The dysfunctions are transformed by the succession of dynamic plot twists triggering surprises characteristic of variety shows. The trilogy on the History of Germany «100 Years of Adolf Hitler – The Last Hour in the Führerbunker», «The German Chainsaw Massacre», «Terror 2000 – Intensive Station Germany» and beyond its borders «United Trash» overlap with the potential liberation of cinema «What Happened to Magdalena Jung?», and «The 120 Days of Bottrop».

18.10.2012, 22:30
100 Years of Adolf Hitler – The Last Hour in the Fürhrerbunker (1989)

19.10.2012, 18:00
The German Chainsaw Massacre. The First Hour of Reunification (1990)

20.10.2012, 14:30
Terror 2000 – Intensive Station Germany (1992)

20.10.2012, 22:30
United Trash (1996)

21.10.2012, 20:30
What happend to Magdalena Jung? Die Macht der Unschuld (1983)
The 120 Days of Bottrop (1997)

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