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Image: David Baltzer
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Attaistic art
Atta Atta - Art Has Broken Out!

Campsite - Schlingensief: "And so it was an overwhelming experience FOR ALL OF US. We weren't expecting anything like that. It was like being in a trance. We painted! Can you imagine? With colours and sound waves! I can hardly describe it. Suddenly, everything had disappeared. No obstacles, no looking back to art from the past, but a quite private escape. Those who criticised this possess nothing more than a crisis of the libido! For that reason also Varese, Henry, Rouge ... absolutely! Then, we suddenly forgot about the audience. While on stage! That was the great thing. We're living in tents and looking at ourselves! Others have conquered cities! We conquer ourselves! This is bliss! It is the new eternity! The opportunity of eternity!" Campsite - house rules: "From a world of intrigue to a world of paranoia. It hits you from the front, out in the bright light. Darkness has had its day."

Campsite - site plan: There are never-ending debates about the specific weapons of art, as there are about whether art has any weapons at all at its disposal. Is not the very state of unarmed defencelessness one of its most important features, is art not a kind of "timidity", as Hölderlin suspected? Does art have distinct limitations that prohibit, for example, referring to September 11th as art? Or is all art that can be labelled as such then no longer art, but art crap? Does art have a specific effect? Art may not be instrumentalised. It is its own purpose and lives from its independence; it is subject to nothing, neither any moral nor aesthetic law, not even the German constitution. Schlingensief's new experimental set-up at the Volksbühne summons art to a campsite. This, a transient, highly fragile place, is where they are all gathered: the actionists, displaced persons, perverts and bullshitters who make their own laws and want to escape the shackles of the medium, on the one hand - and on the other: parents and art critics.

Impression of the "Atta-Atta" premiere staging in Berlin (Image: Baltzer)

Campsite - Maxim: Please leave the campsite toilet in the condition you would like to find it in. - A joy for all pigs, who say: I like living in filth. I love filth and shit. Fantastic! I'm happy to oblige. I like giving the campsite toilet a good smearing, and I leave it in the condition in which I'd like to see it! (Once spoken, these words mean the end of economic rationale!)

Campsite - Language: Atta Atta. Taita Taita. AA-aa. Porta Potti.

What the critics said about Atta Atta

"Killing Time for Pleasure: Attaism Has Broken Out - Art Art!" Spiegel Online

"Outstanding!" TIP - Berlin

"Schlingensief sends irritations through the convoluted grey matter of the stage, examining yet again the issue of art with theatrical means - and does so in a very thorough manner! (...) Polished direction, a lot of dramatic effects and, above all, an enthralling soundtrack!" Frankfurter Rundschau

"With philosophical rigour, Schlingensief insists on a differentiation of the spheres, which he only mixes in order to compare them with each other. (...) After the renewed summoning of all self-destructive radicalism and megalomania of western art (including Hölderlin or Angelus Silesius) in a big circus, it sounds like deliverance. The mind is finally clear again." Die Welt

"After this forebodingly meditative, by his standards almost introverted Atta Atta evening, we can get used to the idea that Schlingensief is in fact not a soberly speculating trash-entertainer occupying his market niche, but an artist whose suffering is not superficial and who seeks salvation in blessed dilettantism." Der Tagesspiegel

"Schlingensief does more than quote the artists of the Vienna actionist group; the entire night itself has the power of a medieval mystery play. (...) Atta Atta is the best Schlingensief there's ever been." Berliner Zeitung

Irm Hermann and Christoph Schlingensief in "Atta Atta" (Image: Baltzer)

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Atta Atta - Art Has Broken Out!
Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

Director: Christoph Schlingensief

Cast: Christoph Schlingensief and Irm Hermann, Josef Bierbichler, Herbert Fritsch, Fabian Hinrichs, Horst Gellonek, Brigitte Kausch-Kuhlbrodt, Dietrich Kuhlbrodt, Uli Voss and a procession by Barney and Douglas and Damien and Luis.

Premiere: January 1st, 2003

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